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Montana - 5 days  •  Sept 29 to Oct 3, 2018

mammoth all season experience


california - 5 days  •  May 2018



KENYA - 21 days  •  Fall 2018



california - 4 days  •  Feb 12 to 15, 2018


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TESTIMONIALS    •    Living Life with Flying Adventures

“We brag to all our flying (and non-flying) friends about the incredible experiences we enjoy on these ‘Flying Adventures, Fly-In, trips”

  Rodger and Lori Parker

We have been on six Fly-Ins’ with Flying Adventures (including an African flying safari).  It doesn't get any better or easier than just arriving!  We sit back and relaxed while they take us on amazing and magical fun filled tours of the very best wine country has to offer.  The wines were superb, the food incredible and the people 'behind the labels' shared their unique stories to make our experiences extra special.  The Calistoga Fly-In… we will always remember that Valentine's Day!  Can't wait to see what's in store for the next fly-in.


  Lee and Carolyn Jones

The best part about Flying Adventures organizing our tour:  all the hard work was already accomplished, the best locations were chosen.  There was nothing left to do but enjoy.  Being on a tour with other aviators was extra enjoyable because we already had something in common with everyone else and could share stories of other trips and flying experiences.


Richard Burr and Charity King

I just wanted to send you a big Texas thank you for the picture of Charity of I you photographed at the “Castle of Love”.  I have printed a copy and have it framed on my bedside table.  It’s the best picture we’ve ever had taken together.  It truly shows how happy we are on your Flying Adventures Fly-Ins.  We’ll see you in Yosemite next.


Glen Green and Sharon Van Patten

We often look to your magazine to decide on destinations for our trips, so we were excited by the opportunity to be part of your fantastic excursions. We enjoyed every aspect of the Valentine trip: the food & wine pairings, behind the scenes tours, meeting winemakers, the wonderful accommodations, and getting to blend our own wine. It was a great experience with so many events being arranged exclusively for us. We enjoyed meeting many friendly people with similar interests, we’re looking forward to the next time we can join you for a Fly-in Adventure!


Brian and Robin Cahill

You really put together a first class experience, at a modest price.  What makes it so enjoyable is everything is a little surprise, because we did not have the headaches of planning all the little details.  It’s the little details that make the difference.  Meeting everyone in the group was very rewarding.  The hosts and winemakers could not have been friendlier, so I hope to see some of them again on a future trip, which will happen, because you did such a nice job on this one!


Mike Goering

That is a helluva deal!
Dr. Higgins does everything 1st class or not at all!


Carol Ditto

I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday!


Jim and Jill de Varennes

It was hard to imagine topping the last Valentines Fly-In, yet this trip was even more amazing. Everything we did was so special and quite unique... actually bottling wine, playing with sheep in the vineyards, visiting not-open-to-the-public wineries and learning from their winemakers, behind the scenes romance at the Hearst Castle, blending our own wines, bottling vodka & gin, makeup and hair boosters to prepare for the rest of the day,  and... the best hamburger we have ever tasted... you outdid it once again!


Mia Knox

Thank you soooo much for creating such a fabulous/fun trip. You sure know how to put together a great adventure.  This is the best trip I have ever taken!